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3 Reasons We Think You Should Opt for Nonsurgical Options

May 17, 2021 | Nonsurgical Options

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Have you ever seen a period movie or old TV show where a physician comes on the scene with sharp utensils and little vials of medicine that treat everything from a cough to gangrene? Those shows depicted a one-size-fits-most approach, and the treatment either worked or your condition got worse.

Fortunately, that’s not true anymore. In fact, as a patient, you have the incredible power of choice when it comes to how you recover and find relief from your symptoms.

Dr. Neel Amin and our team at Advanced Relief Institute are dedicated to bringing you a variety of advanced pain relief treatments to give you as many options as possible. We’re especially proud to offer comprehensive nonsurgical therapies and treatments.

There are times when a surgical procedure is necessary, but there are just as many if not more cases where you can find pain relief without going under the knife.

We’re sharing our top three reasons why you should take advantage of your power to choose and opt for a nonsurgical approach to your pain.

#1: Little to no recovery time

One of the aspects of surgery our patients most want to avoid is time spent in recovery. On average, you’ll spend four to six weeks recuperating after back surgery — and that’s if you’re young and healthy.

Many of our patients can’t afford to take the time off of work or simply want faster results. If it’s right for you, nonsurgical options can help you find relief from your painful symptoms without sacrificing your time and normal routine.

#2: Fewer risks

Surgical procedures carry risks — lots of them. Complications from anesthesia, including allergic reactions, the intubation process, blood pressure issues, and aspiration are among the most common and serious problems that can arise during surgery. One study found that out of 400 patients, nearly 90% of them were concerned about being under general anesthesia.

Other risks involved with surgical procedures induce:

  • Bleeding problems
  • Blood clots
  • Delayed healing
  • Difficulty breathing after surgery
  • Post-op infections
  • Injury during surgery
  • Paralysis
  • Poor or lack of results
  • Scarring
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Swelling and bruising

Of course, there’s always a chance of death during surgery, regardless of whether the procedure is elective or necessary.

Opting for nonsurgical options that don’t require cutting you open, using general anesthesia, or damaging healthy tissues virtually eliminates all risk for adverse effects.

#3: All health statuses welcome

From diabetes and anemia to obesity and high blood pressure, there are a few health reasons why surgery might not be a good idea. If you have a health condition that increases your risk for surgical complications or prevents you from getting surgery altogether, you might feel like you’re stuck with your pain.

But nonsurgical options don’t discriminate against your health status and offer a path to pain relief regardless of what’s on your chart.

Our nonsurgical options

We know that the search for effective treatment can be just as frustrating as the pain itself, so we conduct a thorough review of your health history, symptoms, and pain relief goals before recommending a treatment plan.

If nonsurgical treatments are right for you, we may recommend the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Electromyography
  • Postural training
  • Balance training
  • Strength, flexibility, and mobility training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Modalities, such as mild electrical stimulation
  • Home exercises programs

If you’d like more information or are interested in exploring your nonsurgical options, call our Fort Lauderdale, Florida, office or request an appointment online today.