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Carlos and Bo Compare Post-Op Stories

June 10, 2020 | Stem-cell Rejuvenation Therapy

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Carlos and I had the same Stem Cell Treatment, but a week apart—Carlos before me. We have been documenting our journey. These are our stories.

Carlos: in my last blog, I mentioned that my pain had heightened a bit, and that discouraged me. I also shared that Dr. Neel Amin warned me that the pain was expected to continued because the process of regeneration was just beginning and takes from 6-10 months. During this recuperation period, I have realized all that I have gained, focusing on the positives. I decided to simply see the pain as what it is: a reaction to the inflammation that is only getting better daily. Even with some pain, I have gained much mobility and quality of life. For that, I am truly thankful.

Take My Medication:

For some of us—especially me—I have always thought it was me giving up on my own courage and strength to take pain medication. So, when I decided to do what I was told to do by Dr. Neel Amin and take the medication, I realized life is actually easier. The pain is certainly bearable and, without the pain, I can actually feel the healing going on inside my hip. As a result, I have increased my cardio, which is part of the aftercare protocol after 6 weeks, you can begin steady and slow exercise. I also have begun to add new exercises each time I go to the gym. Slowly, but surely.

I’m thankful to Dr. Neel Amin and to Bo Sebastian for convincing me to try this alternative treatment to surgery. Had I had surgery, I probably would have just begun walking again without a cane and the recovery would have been about 10x harder and more painful after surgery. Yes, I’m grateful!

Bo’s Story:

Carlos is correct. When you get a procedure like Stem Cells, you expect magic at the beginning. However, all of the data is consistent with the 80-85% success rate. It takes time and patience to get to total recovery. You can’t simply go right back to your old way of living and think that the stem cells will grow in a bad environment. For me, I had to rest more and take the pressure off of my hip joint way more than I had been. I stopped yoga for almost a month, with simple neck and arm stretches, instead. I tried to limit any stretches the involved twists and back bends, forward or backward.

As a result of maintaining a slow return to normalcy and taking the proper amount of very mild pain medication, Tramadol, I have kept myself from the pain I’ve heard others talk about during aftercare.

Today, amazed, I woke having more mobility than I have had in 15 years. I kid you not. The funny/strange thing is, now that I don’t have this consistently stabbing pain in my hip, I’m feeling other places in my body I had put extra pressure on during the hip problems, making those other areas ache a bit. With massage and now some extra yoga poses, I have been able to deal with the lower back pain and mid-shoulder pain, which is minimal compared to the hip, and return to normalcy.

End result: If this is how I feel in one month with my hip, I can’t wait to see how 6-10 months feels. I bent down to put my dog’s leash on this morning in about 1/2 the time with no groaning attached. You may think that is funny or cute, but honestly, putting on Coco’s collar in the morning was one of the most painful times of the day, especially when Coco looks up at me and says, “Why are you taking so long? Don’t you know I have to pee really badly! Woof woof.”

Thanks, Dr. Neel Amin for all you do to make our lives healthier!