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Common Causes of Failed Back Surgery

August 01, 2021 | Back Pain, Pain Relief, Uncategorized

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Surgery always comes with risks, some less severe than others. When it comes to back surgery, one of the greatest risks is that it will fail altogether. In fact, nearly 20-40% of back surgeries end up failing and leaving patients with worse pain — sometimes even new pain.

But why is the success rate of back surgeries so low?

Dr. Neel Amin and our team are taking a closer look at what happens on the operating table and offering you solutions to get rid of your back pain when surgery fails.

Common causes of failed back surgery

Because it’s such a complicated procedure, a back surgery performed by even the most skilled surgeon can ultimately fail. The following are some of the most common causes of failed back surgery.

Post-operative complications

You’ve made it through the surgery, but you’re not out of the woods yet. Actually, the recovery period following surgery is often when you’re the most vulnerable. Infections and scarring that develop during recovery can prohibit your ability to heal completely.

Complications during surgery

There are situations in which your surgeon makes a technical error during your procedure. For example, if pieces of bone or herniated discs are left behind, it can put pressure on or irritate your nerves, causing you to continue feeling pain.

New problems

Just because you’ve addressed one problem with surgery doesn’t mean that other issues won’t crop up in the future. Additionally, undergoing back surgery can change the biomechanics of your spine, allowing new problems to arise.

Unresolved issues

It’s also possible that your surgeon missed one or more other problems in your back or spine. Those unresolved issues may cause you to feel pain long after you’ve left the operating room.

Recurring conditions

Sometimes (and especially with herniated discs) the source of your back pain is recurrent, and not even surgery can keep it at bay.

Relief after a failed back surgery

We understand how frustrating it can be to still feel pain when you’ve invested time and money into back surgery. The good news is that we have a wide variety of interventional, regenerative, and multidisciplinary therapies available that’ll help you overcome your back pain once and for all.

Dr. Neel Amin begins by conducting a thorough review of your health history and symptoms, as well as the details of your surgery. After he completes a full examination, he creates a customized treatment plan for recovery from failed back surgery.

Depending on your needs, he may recommend the following:
Epidural steroid injections, Nerve blocks, Medial branch blocks, Radiofrequency ablation
You may also benefit from non-surgical options, including physical therapy, therapeutic massage, cold laser therapy, or acupuncture. We find the perfect combinations of therapies and treatments that will work best for you.

If you’re struggling with new or worsening pain following back surgery, don’t spend another day in agony. Request an appointment online or over the phone at either our Aventura, Florida, offices.