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Hopeful Reality Check

June 11, 2020 | Mesenchymal Stem Cell injection

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Nobody wants to hear that to get healed, sometimes, you must deal with recovery time. I just spent 60 days with my mom after her titanium hip replacement surgery. Her pain was excruciating. She continues to suffer every day, just to try and make her body move to simple places, such as from the couch to the kitchen or bathroom.

After my Mesenchymal Stem Cell injection, I was amped up by my immediate feelings of painlessness. I forgot that stem cell rejuvenation often takes up to ten months to complete the reproductive process.

The recovery process is best when you listen to your stem cell physician. Trust me on this, if he or she tells you that there may be some pain and to take the medication prescribed to stay in front of the uncomfortable feeling, don’t avoid the feeling as you have been for the last 10 years. DO IT! Take the advice of someone who is looking out for you and wants to you look through a clear glass to the future, not one made of smoke and mirrors. Dr. Neel Amin has always been honest about how long rejuvenation takes. I just thought I was special.

In stem cell therapy your body does not know the difference between introducing a “good” foreign substance to your joint or if it’s a disease. Most often, a healthy body responds with a rush of healing to the site in both cases. But when the foreign bodies (in this case the Mesenchymal stem cells) begin to integrate with your own cells and make their home in your injured joint or tissue, the rush of healing white blood cells and initial surge of non-inflammation begins to dissipate.

One week ago, today, I had my #mesenchymal_stem_cell injection. I did not take Dr. Neel Amin’s advice and take it easy for a week. I haven’t taken the full spectrum of pain medication (Tramadol) the doctor prescribed. And I haven’t rested enough. I started right back to my life that day, barely resting. I even did a full day on set, doing a commercial, which is laborious, doing the same actions over and over again until “the take” is right. Then, I took a friend to the airport and carried luggage into my car trunk and out of it—four heavy ones.

As a result, today, I woke up with a sufficient amount of old back and hip pain, some new pains in different parts of my upper body, probably because I was holding my back and hip in a way that strained other muscles that now want desperately to release.

I had to spend most of the day in bed resting. I did not want to face the day. I wanted to lie down and sleep as if I had flu symptoms. That is so not like me, but alas, I acquiesced and listened to my body, but most importantly the words of my doctor soothing my preoccupation, in the back of my mind: “This is like an operation. It’s a minimal procedure, but your body may think it is more than that. Take it easy and rest for about a week.”

You see, the process—was and is—completely spelled out at the beginning of any stem cell process. Anyone who comes in for stem cell rejuvenation therapy has an initial appointment. At that appointment, you are told all you need to know about what to expect and what not to expect.

The one thing I forgot is: although this is state-of-the-art, miraculous, new rejuvenation therapy, it takes time and patience. The entire growing process of 400-500,000 thousands of tiny stem cells has to recreate bone and tissue in a new body. Even in a baby, this process takes nine months to complete. The gestation of new cells in a human body is proposed to take a little more than that amount of time—ten months—to fully manifest.

After a day of relaxing, I am back to feeling hopeful and grateful to my physician, Dr. Neel Amin, for preparing me for this inevitable day in which I would be doubting the process. Also, I’m also grateful for the many stem cell patients who have gone before me, who have had fantastic success after 6-10 months of rejuvenation.

Patience is a virtue—unfortunately, not necessarily one of mine.

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