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June 11, 2020 | Mesenchymal Stem Cell injection

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Carlos, my friend Missy, and I have all been through our stem cell treatments this week. Missy also got a PRP treatment in her fingers and wrist because of severe osteo-arthritis. This treatment collects a blood sample from the patient. Then a physician puts the blood in a special machine that separates the inflammatory cells of the blood from the Oxy gen Enriched Platelets (this takes about 45 minutes.) Once the machine has separated the bad parts of the blood from the good, the good blood is injected into the areas of your body that are affected by inflammation—in Pamela’s case, her fingers and wrists.

I’m going to have PRP next week on my fingers and wrists, as well, for the same reason, arthritis; although, my fingers are not as painful as Missy’s. Missy is 75 years old and also has Type II diabetes, which has caused the blood flow to her hands to diminish. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment almost immediately helped Missy’s fingers and wrists. I’m really looking forward to this treatment, as well, because of how painful it is to type, cook, and play the piano.

What each of us are presently feeling in the Stem Cell Regenerative Process:
Carlos’ message this week:

It has been a week since my last report on my progress. I have continued to feel improved mobility, improved range of motion and a considerable reduction of pain. You’ll find this interesting. Getting dressed this morning, it hit me like a ton of bricks, I was able to tie my shoes without pain and put on my socks. That might seem trivial, but after 15 years of pain, the smallest things make you enormously thankful. Also, I haven’t had any tremendous episodes of pain since my treatment.

Before the treatment, I would lay in bed with excruciating pain, not able to sleep or get up. If I wanted to go to the bathroom, I would have to crawl. Since my treatment, I have had none of these moments, nor have I had to take medication in the middle of the night for pain and to sleep. Thank God. I feel very blessed and excited to see how this continues to help me. Dr. Neel Amin is a top-notch Pain Management Physician.

Missy’s Thoughts After Just 3 Days:

I’m a 75-year-old woman from Trinidad. #Mesenchymal_Stem_Cell treatments are not available on my island. When #Bo_Sebastian shared that he was getting the treatments, I immediately inquired about it, even though I hadn’t shared with him about my pain. It had been about 20 years suffering, as I was a hairstylist for 30 years. Over the years the pain in my hands, back, shoulders, and hips, and knees worsened to the point that I never thought I would ever get up from a chair without pain again. Though I was scared, I had been told at other times procedures would help, but I never wanted to have an operation, even though doctors insisted that knee replacement was my ONLY option. So, I tried things that never helped over the years. My pain was at an 11 at all times on a scale from 1-10. I walked with a limp, people had to help me all the time to get up or get out of a car, I felt like an invalid. From my culture, it was very hard for me to rely on the people around me to be there all of the time. So, I would grit my teeth and bare the pain. That’s what I was taught, and I would simply have to deal with what cards I was dealt in life.

The angels brought Dr. Neel Amin to me, I feel. I was frightened and scared, but I trusted my friend who was telling me about the treatment. Then I met with Dr. Neel Amin, and he answered all of my questions. I began to feel excited, but still 1/2 of me didn’t want to spend the money, because it’s a big investment. The other half thought, if I get any relief at all from this excruciating pain, the money will be the least of my worries.

Tuesday I had Stem Cell therapy on my worst knee and PRP on my hands and wrists. On the way out of the door, I had so much initial relief that I could probably have danced out of the door. So much so, that by the next day I had decided to get the other knee treated before I left to go home to Trinidad.

I have had moments of pain in the right knee since the second treatment that hadn’t occurred in the left, which was my first treatment, but I also didn’t take the doctor’s advice and take a small pain pills he gave me until the initial pain from the injection went away. When I took the mild medication, Tramadol, I believe, (you are not allowed to take anti-inflammatories after the treatment), I have been fine, so much better than before the treatment. Even after just a few days, my pain is down to about a four.

Now, I have to be patient and wait for the stem cells to grow in my knees and further alleviate my pain. I’m so hopeful. Thank you, Dr. Neel Amin.

Bo’s Story:

As you all know, I have been touting my knowledge of stem cells from the rooftop, so my fear was that it would work on everyone but me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Immediately after the #Stem_Cell_Rejuvenation shot, I had 90% less pain in my right hip, which had riddled me with pain for 15 years. This was a miracle. Although even I know, that there are contraindications about any treatment and the possibility of pain in the future, I didn’t care. For one day—by Wednesday—I got to experience what my body would feel like—what LIFE WOULD FEEL LIKE WITHOUT PAIN!.

This is the most exciting event in my life in a very long time. I’ll continue sharing more details about how it happened and the minimal level of discomfort during the procedure and after in upcoming blogs. Just to let you know, my pain level has never been above a “2” since the treatment, though I know that the expectation of the treatments is 80-85% success rate over a 10-month period, the immediate results have floored both Dr. Amin and I.

Keep reading and share this blog with your friends in pain. You can give hope to someone like any of us who thought that life without pain was an impossibility.

Peace, Bo, Carlos, and Missy

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