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Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain affects millions of Americans and can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Chronic pain conditions vary in severity but can easily affect the daily lives of those suffering from them.

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What Is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Chronic pain syndrome describes long-term pain (more than six months) anywhere in your body.

While dealing with constant pain is hard enough, many chronic pain sufferers also develop depression, anxiety, and loss of interest in their favorite activities.

While chronic pain syndrome is a condition in itself, it can accompany other long-term health problems like:
  • Joint disease
  • Herniated disc disease
  • Spine conditions
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Stroke
  • Endometriosis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Pain Syndrome?

If you have chronic pain syndrome, you may experience one or all of the following symptoms:

If these symptoms regularly interfere with your daily life, the Advanced Relief Institute may be able to help.

Why Should I Choose the Advanced Relief Institute for My Chronic Pain?

At the Advanced Relief Institute, our experts understand the severity and impact chronic pain conditions can have on those affected.

In some cases, chronic pain may be due to multiple medical conditions and must be treated on an individual basis. Our doctors are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating various chronic pain conditions and will work with you to find what works.

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Are Other Therapies Available?

The Advanced Relief Institute offers PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma injection therapy) and injectable amniotic fluid treatments to stimulate a healing response in the body. Stem cell injections can help reawaken your dormant stem cells in the treatment area.

If you are interested in these treatment modalities, the specialists at the Advanced Relief Institute will be happy to review them with you during your consultation.