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Advanced Institute

Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Pain Treatments

If you are struggling with pain in your elbow, hand, or wrist, we know that such pain can seriously affect your quality of life. This pain can be caused by injuries or chronic conditions that damage the bone or connective tissues in the joints.

Treating elbow pain, hand pain, and wrist pain can be essential to living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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Which Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Conditions Can Interventional Pain Management Treat?

To treat elbow, hand, or wrist pain, it is important to understand where your pain is coming from.

These parts of your body contain a vast number of bones, muscles, and connective tissues, all of which may cause pain if damaged by injury or cell degradation.

Interventional pain management can help relieve discomfort from:

How Do You Diagnose Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Conditions?

Through a series of physical exams, which may include X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs, our team can identify the cause of your joint pain. Our doctors will develop a treatment plan to help you live a more comfortable life with less pain as soon as possible.

Our goal is to restore range of motion in your joints and prevent further damage to the pained area.

What Are My Options for Managing Elbow, Hand, or Wrist Pain?

Traditional pain management, physical therapy, and surgery are all options for patients struggling with elbow, hand, or wrist pain. Less invasive interventional pain management therapies are also available to address the source of joint pain without surgery. Both surgical and non-surgical interventions can help with pain after a traumatic injury or due to chronic pain (persistent pain that lasts for a long time).

Non-invasive therapies involve injecting medication directly into the painful areas to numb and repair the joint.

Treatments for elbow, hand, and wrist pain may include (but are not limited to):

  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Surgical intervention
  • Slings, casts, wrist splints, braces, or other immobilizing options

Do You Offer Regenerative Medicine?

Along with more traditional interventional pain procedures, the Advanced Relief Institute also offers regenerative therapies. These include platelet-rich plasma therapy, amniotic fluid therapy, and stem cell injections to help heal and repair the body.

Is There a Recovery Period After Interventional Pain Management for My Elbow, Hand, or Wrist?

Most patients will not need significant recovery time after their pain management treatment. Depending on the treatment, some patients may experience minor numbness, swelling, redness, or discomfort for up to a week. Patients may need to secure their treated area for up to a week after therapy to prevent further damage as it heals.

Surgical intervention may require a longer recovery period, usually lasting a week or two based on the extent of the operation.