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Advanced Institute

Exosome Therapy

If you struggle with injuries or cellular degeneration, living a healthy and happy life can be challenging. The Advanced Relief Institute offers several treatments to address these concerns and help you live a healthier, happier life.

One of the more promising treatments is exosome injections, or exosome therapy.

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Why Should I Choose the Advanced Relief Institute for My Exosome Therapy?

The pain management doctors at Advanced Relief Institute specialize in regenerative medicine and interventional pain therapies.

Our providers understand the unique nature of each patient’s concerns, and they use a multidisciplinary approach to find the treatment options best suited for your individual needs.

Consult with one of our pain specialists to determine if exosome therapy can treat your concerns.

How Is Exosome Therapy Performed?

Exosome injections use donated extracellular vesicles that come pre-packaged in a concentrated solution. When you come into our office, your doctor will identify the areas that require treatment.

All injections done at the Advanced Relief Institute include lidocaine (a local anesthetic) to ease discomfort. Your doctor will use a thin needle to inject the extracellular vesicles. Ultrasound or other guidance technology will be used to guide the needle into the treatment area.

Some patients may require several injections, while others may only require one.

What Is Recovery Like After Exosome Injections?

Most patients will not need any downtime after their injections. For two to three days, there may be minor swelling, redness, or sensitivity around your injection sites. Patients should refrain from placing strain on the treated area for two to three weeks.