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Meet Dr. Shatabdi Patel

Dr. Shatabdi Patel is a board-certified interventional pain management physician who has dedicated extensive time and effort to the treatment of pain management.

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Education, Training, and Teaching

After maintaining a 3.9 GPA and making the Dean’s list for eight semesters at Rutgers University, Dr. Shatabdi Patel attended the Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica, West Indies.

She graduated with her Doctor of Medicine Degree in 2007 and accepted an Internship at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. She continued on with the neurology department there and she completed her residency in neurology in 2012. In 2010 she was appointed Ground Rounds Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and took on other leadership roles during her final year in Residency as well.

Additional fellowships include:

In 2012, she joined the Jefferson Headache Center Fellowship program under Dr. Silberstein and Dr. Young, and she completed her fellowship in headaches.

In 2013 she went onto a second fellowship at Beth Israel/ Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, NY where she completed her fellowship in Interventional pain management.

She regularly attends meetings and seminars across the country to increase her knowledge base and stay up-to-date on emerging science.

Dr. Patel is also an active volunteer in the community – where she serves in annual health fairs since 2003, has aided with COVID relief sectors overseas, and she regularly mentors youth towards better living as well.

Why Choose Dr. Shatabdi Patel for Pain Management and Relief Treatment?

After listening carefully to your concerns, reviewing your symptoms, and completing a thorough examination, Dr. Patel will create a treatment plan customized for you with your health in mind.

Dr. Patel is driven to provide the most effective pain relief possible. Because of her warmth, kindness, great bed-sde manner, and personable nature, along with her expertise, you can rely on her approach and trust the information she offers regarding your unique case.

Dr. Patel is fluent in English and Gujarati. She also speaks Hindi and understands basic Spanish.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Patel excels at treating all types of pain but is best known for her work in pain management and neurology and with pain derived from the spine, nerves, joints as well as migraines/headaches.

Publications And Presentations

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  • ”Freidrich’s Ataxia” Ground Rounds Presentation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA February 2010
  • ”NMDA Receptor Encephalitis” Ground Rounds Presentation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA October 2009
  • Pello, S., Boland, T., Dechant, V., Patel, S., Liang, T.-W., & Mandel, S. (2009, July/August). Uric Acid’s Relationship with Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease: A Review. Practical Neurology, 8(6), pp. 21-23. July/August 2009

Dr. Patel’s Awards

  • Excellence in Clinical Neurology Award, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Neurology Department June 2009
  • Journal Club Excellence Award, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, PA June 2009 – June 2010