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Explore Articles About Pain, Conditions, and interventional pain relief treatments
Illustrated graphic of joint pain in the hand, knee, spine, foot, and shoulder

5 Ways to Help Manage Arthritis Pain

4 Minute Read: Living with arthritis pain can be challenging, to say the least. For many people, their arthritis pain […]

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Middle-aged woman holding her lower back in pain

When to Seek Treatment for Sciatica

3 Minute Read: Any form of back pain can be debilitating to men and women, but back pain caused by […]

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Senior man sitting on a couch and holding his lower back in pain.

Understanding the Wide Range of Uses for Epidurals

3 Minute Read: When you hear the word “epidural,” your mind probably goes directly to the shot that many women […]

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Middle-aged man talking to a doctor and nurse while holding his painful back

What Is Radio-frequency Ablation and How Can It Help With Pain Management?

4 Minute Read: Chronic pain can keep you from enjoying your favorite activities and can significantly limit your quality of […]

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A young man with a headache holding forehead.

Are Your Migraines Stopping You From Living an Active Life?

3 Minute Read: Migraines are far worse than any other commonly experienced headache, and when they hit, they hit hard. […]

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Man holding his back, signifying back pain.

3 Advanced Ways to Stay Active This Summer With Less Back Pain

3 Minute Read: Summer is a great season for individuals to be active and have fun with friends and family, […]

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Clinician attending to patient's knee.

Getting Back in the Game Without Pain – Advanced Solutions

3 Minute Read: Athletes are a determined bunch and have a habit of pushing through the pain, sometimes with adverse […]

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Man in office with lower back pain.

What Are the Benefits of Interventional Pain Management Over Surgery?

3 Minute Read: Do you have a condition causing acute or chronic pain and are seeking an effective treatment to […]

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