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Pain or No Pain?

September 07, 2019 | Back Pain

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I had been living with severe pain for 15 years. I have gotten used to feeling daily pain. Getting out of bed or bending over to put my dog’s leash hasn’t been easy. Even simple chores are the kinds of instances I was most used to doing gingerly and cautiously. Now, mesenchymal stem cell, rejuvenation therapy has changed all of that.

For instance, yesterday morning I woke up to my 12-year-old best 4-legged buddy Coco whining to go out at 6:30 a.m. Even though it was very early in the morning, I immediately was used to feeling two things: 1). Pain in my right hip as I rose from the bed, and 2). Even more pain as I gently bent over to put Coco’s leash on him. Neither of these incidents were fun or pleasurable to start my day. Alas, after 7 weeks, a reduction of 75% of the pain has caused me to smile and let go of old painful habits.

Pain is a memory, a difficult memory to displace, until there is relief. Over the past few years, I have gotten used to rolling to the side of the bed just right to use my arms to lift my torso, so that I won’t have to involve my hip and lower back muscles, which are generally so tight they cause pain with any movement. I would use the muscles of my legs to help lift me from the bed to a standing position and a wall to support me bending over to attach Coco’s leash.

If this sounds familiar, fear not. There is a very new kind of Stem Cell Therapy from healthy, American umbilical cord tissue that can restore a painful joint or even bring a sense of wellness to your entire body with just one injection. Mesenchymal stem cells are this cutting edge therapy. Give us a call for more information.